China first luxurious residence: Snow rock that beard snow rock is past to reside the beard set up in 1872 is past to reside after more than a years, invest 29,000,000 dollars to formally and outward open. It is a hero to stand, fall flop to go to is also a good brave fellow. Someone […]

The general assembly held in the this week three American Stanford Universities university up, the Microsoft constructs Bill cover the Ci expressed as different as chalk and cheese both sides: Be being the philanthropist that is full of a benevolence and being creating of software empire Microsoft, be full of the business enterprise soul of […]

National territory resources in Chongqing City and house administration released recently and negotiated explicit rules real estate development company such as with bought a building to after signing the agreement rise building price indiscriminately, returned the twice to still buy building down payment. Have relation with house administration according to national territory resources in Chongqing […]

On August 13, from labor the guarantee department, public security official’s department, national general labor union constitutes of State Department unite work set and provincial government in Shanxi hold news to ventilate in the too original city meeting, notify black kiln for making bricks affairs in Shanxi to check work result and fight illegal crime […]

IPO opens an airtight drum head of tight Luo of Zha batch candidate for election float a surface flower of and fall who six companies in the house battle out heavy Qi of IPO the first list capital increase distinctly go into the city AN and be placed in quality and change the critical point […]

The The People’s Bank Of China went an easy key link of long assistant to mean yesterday, in July, this year our country the market gradually refrained from rash action to the expectation that Reminbi revalues since the exchange rate mechanism reformed. The easy key link develops in the 2006 business enterprise high forum up […]

Chinese business enterprise unites recently meeting, Chinese entrepreneur association judges and decides a result toward 2007 Chinese business enterprises 500 strong of the social announcement medium, last year bank resides the construction of the eighth this year can not before ascending ten was subjected to medium concern. For this, China constucts a news spokesman of […]

According to August 30 of The Xinhua news agency news, a Gao Guan of government in the United States reveals on the 30th, American president Bush will announce to talk on the 31th, is rather posed by the second class collateral loan problem that the public pays attention to currently a series of reform suggestion. […]

It is said that, the high profile national financial working conference will convene on the 19th. This meeting will completely tally up the foundation of national financial working conference achievement in 2002 up, make deployment to the financial work of aftertime a period, a series of important policy concerning financial reform and development may successive […]

Is beautiful allied keep of policy establishment the interest rate problem just and gradually replace to add interest hobby with the neutral position. According to beautiful allied keep for 06 years of overnight announcement 12 monthly meeting argument Ji want, some directors think American economy growth deceleration of is more risky than an expectation. A […]