Harbor A stock price in Tienjin walks strong, recent week, the rise is up to 21. 9%. The reason lies in rumours in the market for the coming two week inside the company will stop a card to declare whole become available in the market project. We carried on exchanges with company, company to whole […]

Roxio enounces that passing by Napster’s on line music service that it re creates will be shining to show up at the day off season that will soon arrive, with subscription or press the form of song charge to provide music to the customer. This music engraves to record the chief executive officer ChrisGorog of […]

Chang an car group president’s clue in the Yin house meant in Hong Kong recently, Chang an the car was fighting for is that the AN and B merged to make experiements of a, the of company changed a project to also announce. Yesterday, Chang an the car joint stock company relevant personage told this […]

Change especially the electrician take underneath new energy company as foundation and establish with the BP solar energy holding company cooperation two in home outside joint venture company. Critique: It has been more than 30 years since BP company was more active than solar energy profession, is now a global market leading one of the […]

Invest ETF fund to rise with the big bat batch - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the near future, still the chairman calls each great fund management company conference, ask fund companies to push forward the reform of capital market together, carry out the positive interaction of stock market and fund industry development. Yesterday with fund heavy Cang for representative of excellent and blue the index number raising a whole […]

China first luxurious residence: Snow rock that beard snow rock is past to reside the beard set up in 1872 is past to reside after more than a years, invest 29,000,000 dollars to formally and outward open. It is a hero to stand, fall flop to go to is also a good brave fellow. Someone […]

The general assembly held in the this week three American Stanford Universities university up, the Microsoft constructs Bill cover the Ci expressed as different as chalk and cheese both sides: Be being the philanthropist that is full of a benevolence and being creating of software empire Microsoft, be full of the business enterprise soul of […]

National territory resources in Chongqing City and house administration released recently and negotiated explicit rules real estate development company such as with bought a building to after signing the agreement rise building price indiscriminately, returned the twice to still buy building down payment. Have relation with house administration according to national territory resources in Chongqing […]

On August 13, from labor the guarantee department, public security official’s department, national general labor union constitutes of State Department unite work set and provincial government in Shanxi hold news to ventilate in the too original city meeting, notify black kiln for making bricks affairs in Shanxi to check work result and fight illegal crime […]

IPO opens an airtight drum head of tight Luo of Zha batch candidate for election float a surface flower of and fall who six companies in the house battle out heavy Qi of IPO the first list capital increase distinctly go into the city AN and be placed in quality and change the critical point […]