Chinese invests a net: USD re collects loss - Sunday, February 26, 2012

There was the economic data announcement of heavy weight yesterday so the condition of the market was more turbulent, U. S. dollar to each currency pass by much empty both parties the vehemence belligerence finally felled report to accept as follows behind. England announced first to trade debt, result and estimate value in September in […]

Six sterigma age kid despise Zhang Ji amid slab - Saturday, February 25, 2012

Turn over to clap classic have already let the showbiz slice Zhao that is square to feel not to satisfy, turn over to clap a classic now gradually become a fever, this side’s turning over to clap controversy don’t eliminate, that side’s turning over to clap nitric smoke has been already risen. After in Zhang […]

New China net Nanking gives or gets an electric shock a statistics according to the Nanking building tube section on June 21, mid May seven Wei new government set after, Nanking City go into net of in the middle of selling building dish, 66 markups at the same time 65 price drops. The Nanking building […]

Carry on to the policy noodles, funds noodles, basic situation, technique noodles, and news noodles. . . etc. that influences stock market comprehensive grind to judge, is the foundation that solves dish. Solve time of aiming at of dish usually is short line, the most familiar solves dish on that day with be the week […]

There was no economic data announcement in the United States yesterday, U. S. dollar started re declining after lending trade debt and non agriculture soar 1 in last Friday to each currency. In the evening the United States’ biggest independence second class mortgage company the new century finance mean a possible bankruptcy, this makes the […]

70% investment income comes from stock market to report a super expectation of accomplishment to increase in half year of under the incitement, Chinese span of life of life insurance tycoon inside the country rose to stop yesterday and reported be accepted to 56. 09 dollars, soared 5. 10 dollars. Chinese span of life formally […]

Our country see the reader of magazine more and more new China net Peking give or get an electric shock latest announcement on April 21 of for the 4th time national citizen reading survey suggest, our country citizen magazine reading rate gradually ascension. Among them, culture amuses type, home life and literature art to become […]

Eight greatest golds are just of the IPTV concept led the way a big dish life of sheep to hang after the IPV6 front line which tectonic plate will beat to ring to sprung a first gun the southern fund is optimistic about for 05 years of profession point the city Ying that reviews three […]

Six mouths announce: And record Huang Bu the real estate limited company river bank in Shanghai City east century big way 2 3, 2 4 grounds of piece land use power alienation invite bids, and trade area with six mouth in Shanghai finance to unite to develop limited company together cooperation develop the ground’s piece. […]

The beginning and end gives a national territory, house management section generation the contract tax for advertising for, change to directly collect this yesterday of report Xun from the ground tax organization a city prosecutors’ office to declare, from the next year from January 1, Peking gives beginning and end national territory, house management section […]