Favor the oversea head batch in market QDII product or lord throw a H - Sunday, December 14, 2014

Certificate Jian will relevant QDII investment of series document set, indicate fund, coupon the company lead to the front door of offshore investment to spread to open completely.Understand according to the reporter, many fund company and coupon that match to apply for QDII business qualifications the company have already begun in advance and design in the product, personnel’s allocation, entrust to the care of agreeing after negotiation of bank etc. everyone’s noodles carry on full preparation, actively prepare to apply for to publish a QDII fund product.The industry insider said that in consideration of the local organization acquaints with to the opposite local listed company, and of the existence AN and H natural excess fare of, QDII product concentration in the future throw biggest toward the possibility of Hong Kong market.Each big fund robs QDII the first voucher understand, currently in 57 local fund companies, have China Anne, south and last hurl Mo root fund companies with more than 20 etc. meet to apply for a QDII business qualifications request, in this 20 fund companies, prepare to a little bit well have top to throw fund companies such as Mo root and south etc..Last hurl rat Cang affairs as to it’s may head the batch get hold of QDII qualifications to contain negative effect, the southern fund becomes the first head hair QDII possibility of domestic biggest.A personage know what happened inside fund industry reveal.Who is the first hard to say, see the examination and approval circumstance of taking charge of the section.We really prepare a little bit early and constuct from the system, the cooperation colleague’s choice, entrust to the care of bank arrive the product design, we all prepare already is ready.The southern fund vice president allows small loose mean.Introduce according to Xu Xiao Song, the head prepared by southern fund QDII product is active type the fund product is invested to world fund and Hong Kong Stock Market, the plan publishes the scale as USD 800,000,000~1,000,000,000.The personnel installs currently, the internal rule design, local lord entrust to the care of bank and foreign time entrust to the care of bank of agree after negotiation a work have been basic and good enough.The American plum Long group has already formally made a contract with southern fund, the cooperation develops the QDII product, and provide world fund choice of professional instruction.The related application is needing certificate Jian to conduct trial jointly batch.Is another to understand according to the reporter, the rich country fund international business section has already entered upon the preparation work of QDII product, second half year of will have material progress in the QDII business aspect.In addition, other a few fund companies of Shenzhen also mean, its company international business related section under way the development work of QDII product. 12 next pages

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