Flap China harbor machine:Put quantity to surge pre-eminent explicit occurrence - Sunday, December 14, 2014

The noon dish once rose to stop changes reason:Medium silver international analyst’s Lin Zhen Guo’s analysis think, flapping the business of China harbor machine will at world of the macroscopic environment turns well, China to port of keep on constructioning and new product of release medium be subjected to a benefit.Predict the company AN and B target price distinguish to CNY 16.47 and USD 1.79.The maintenance is to the rating that flaps China harbor machine better than big city.Investing is a little bit bright:1, 2005 year company the domestic and international market report of success keep pouring in, the company signed many big sums with domestic and international port to gather to pack derrick Xie to provide goods contract, production

CATEGORIES : Car News/ AUTHOR : Mark Newman

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