Several hurl line anticipates central bank possibility in the future two with in the week add an interest - Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thunder Man brothers Chinese chief economist Sun Ming Chun said, though China CPI soar range to slow down in September, but the possibility that adds an interest is still very big.We think that future 1-2 with in the week, the central bank again adds 27 possibilities that radicle orders of interests very big.The clear spring means that the total inflation rate slows down into 6.2% from 6.5% in August in September, this making this year 9 months ago average inflation rate is 4.1%.These two piece words are all big to expect bank deposit interest rate 3.87% during a year.The Citibank Pacific Asia area chief economist Huang Yi Ping as well holds to add interest standpoint.His expectation in the future in 2 months, the central bank will again add an interest 27 radicles order to ensure the bank deposit interest rate resumes just when, repress letter to lend a demanding growth at the same time.At the same time, Huang Yi Ping means to pay attention to a currency appreciation problem, and think that Reminbi appreciation step can insist the principle of appropriate acceleration.This can also see make is to quick growth of excess mobility and gradually strengthen of responding to of external pressure.But in the short run, Reminbi significantly revalues of the possibility isn’t big.Huang Yi Ping also thinks, though leading to the economy currently is hot of worrying and having decrease, GDP high the growth and inflation pressure still keep being the problem that Chinese economy faces.Particularly is under the sistuation that the currency supply accelerates a growth, excess of mobility the difficulty of the growth for making to take charge of a layer to repress to believe loan and investment enlarge further.

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