One vapor Audi the new A4 push to lately reduce price tallest reduce price 55,600 dollars - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Recently, reporter from one vapor the public the dealer of the Audi understand, the Audi new A4 will push five more new car types and adjust the instruction price of parts of car type.Among them Audi new A42.0 TCVT standard type car type, adjust after the price the tallest reduction to reach to 55,600 dollars.But for the sake of the high level image of maintenance Audi brand, the new A43.0 quattroATs/MTs flagship type maintenance original price doesn’t adjust.Is related Peking Audi new A4 car type and price as follows:Introduce according to the personnel of sale, the this time Audi for releasing new A4 is called to get stripe a version car type, will originally possessed 1.8 Ts and the 2.0 T series car type simplification moves for new A41.8 T hand, new A41.8 T automatically and new A42.0 T auto 3 types of standard allocation car type.And on these three styles of foundations again choose to pack a comfort pack to wrap with luxury respectively, can new A4 the standard type get stripe into comfortable type and luxurious type car type.This time new A4 to Audi releases a new car type and again the fee hike is mainly the influence that is subjected to fierce competition in the market.The consumer who pays attention to Audi new A4 probably also remembers, as early as 2006 the end of every years, the Audi new A4 has already all develop to fasten the special promotion activity of reducing priced 20,000 dollars, but the special discount this time’s promoting sales an activity don’t promote it whole sell quantity.From the end of last year up to now February, year, Audi new A4 car type of whole sell quantity to gradually present to descend trend.Its quota in the market gradually drive BMW 3 fasten, fertile Er fertile S40 etc. competition car type robs to have.The Audi new A4 again enlarges special strength and releases five styles of new car types for keeping its whole competitive advantage, for the purpose of firmness it whole market share.Audi new A4 in addition to in addition to type, 3 styles of standard allocation cars also provide twos for the customer in general use of, choosing of Gao Xing Jia Bi pack a pack.Among them, the comfort pack reverses the car radar after including is dynamoelectric to regulate a chair, leather steer device, dynamoelectric skylight, , with soon the help change direction, six discs of CD etc. allocation, price is 8000 dollars;But the luxury pack include comfort pack and chair heat, wood decoration, leather chair, reverse the car radar and Xian before or after spirit headlight, multi-function sport steer device etc. allocation, price is 40,100 dollars.Pass to this timely push a new car fee hike space activity, Audi new A4 car type it sex price compare it may be said more outstanding.So the Audi new A4 can defend with this it at together Ba lord within class car position, can promote it whole sell quantity?Still stay in the examination of market.

CATEGORIES : Car News/ AUTHOR : Mark Newman

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