The Monetary Fund strengthens a version to come out an easy square to reach to release a bond fund new product - Saturday, August 16, 2014

Looking at fresh sweet cream cheese, but could not eat inside in the mouth, this is the present condition of fund issue:The fund disease shout currently that selling is difficult of, purchases in 2005 the person of certificate type national debt but lines up to have a long dragon in the bank, majority of business net points sold in less than an hour, sold out all national debt, many people disappointment but return.Industry insider has to admit, the wealth effect of fund almost has already disappeared almost exhausted in 2004 in 2003, in addition to money market fund, the issue of other type funds actually has already declined to a freezing point now.Is an only show because of the weather southern cash increases a benifit gold is to increase a quickest money market fund, March 5 is this fund to establish the day of one anniversary, in this the middle of the year, its scale from inception of 8,000,000,000 increase to now of 330 many hundred million, increase to reach to 320%.Ask for help of this to emolliently support Gan, southern fund company total scale also a jump to attain 60,000,000,000 or so.Being received benefit to a combining of money market fund not only is southern 1, canvass business the cash increase in value a fund for a year, effort also from at the beginning of 4,645,000,000 break 20,000,000,000 scales.And and it is opposite what to shine on BE, publish in 2004 of stock type fund the average net worth growth lead to 0.87%, in the near future a part rise a dollar face value, besides which, still have very part to be placed in investment deficiency status, the bond type fund also all repeatedly shrinks, the industry rumours pure dish destiny most probably falls on bond fund.The industry insider analysis says that money market fund of so can obtain a such quick development within a year, an among those main factor lies in weather.The southern cash increased fund manager Liu Qing Jian of benifit gold to say, stock market and bond market double double walked in 2004 bear, provided godsend for the development of money market fund.Because the economic realm once invests in 2004 hot, the government adopted keep on but nervous of a series of macro view adjust to control and cause the slump that stock market and bond markets all appeared continuously or overcast, only the money market is subjected to of impact least.The investor evades the impact of high risk market in succession, the funds constantly and constantly spread money market.The safety of money market fund and the positive feedback of the income is exactly what the investor is after experiencing bear market stroke pursue every day.Liu Qing Jian means.Publishing the spring tide will soon come when the money market fund at the beginning publishes, a lot of fund companies combine not that last heart, because its management fee isn’t high, but almost each fund company urgently wants to own a such a fund product now.The industry insider reveals.According to know, the Peng China money market fund has already got batch to publish, huge farmland fund’s waiting the fund product of equal batch of funds company report batch is all also a money market fund, and the money market fund issue spring tide will soon rise.The spring tide will go to and suggest a fund companies are to the being optimistic about of money market fund prospect.Seeing from the money market fund development history, its first started appearing in the United States in 1971, afterward accelerated a growth, 1990 year agos after, American money market fund property scale attains USD 498,300,000,000 and becomes the main force of Money Market, in 2002 the property total amount of money market fund is 2.272 U.S. dollar, approach the total amount as 2.667 stock funds of U.S. dollar, resides the Money Market in the second place.Industry insider for the money market fund of 2005 development, still send to high expectation.The southern cash increases a benifit gold manager Liu Qing Jian said, the macro view adjusted pressure and foreign exchange controling to have a style continuously this year inflow, and the financial system includes the reform of stock market, will make money market fund face with formely different opportunity moderate breezes insurance.The especially inflationary pressure will probably arouse a new of the macro view adjust to control.In opposition to other investment realms, the money market is still most safe and profitable in 2005 of realm, the money market fund still keep being subjected to fancy of the investor.Chinese money market fund 1000 many hundred million scales just just started currently, the money market fund greatly had development space at our nation of tall saving rat.Liu Qing Jian means.The data suggests that the surplus amount of Chinese bond market already more than 5,000,000,000,000 scales, the year issue of National Central Bank note measures above 1,000,000,000,000, these all provides vast investment realm for money market fund.Develop the fever of money market fund in the current fund industry whole member under, seeming shoulds not neglect background, either:The bank can establish fund company.Currently, the product marketing of fund company almost and completely depends on bank, the bank military advance fund industry, make some fund companies are worried that aftertime’s bank treats with partiality in the marketing very much.The bank establishes fund company, its most beneficial product is a money market fund, and money market fund affirmation will become the beachhead battlefield that banking and fund industry battle out customer.If there is no money market fund, the product line of fund company will be in need of an important chain.So, the fund company starts to be bent on layout on the money market fund, constructs the product line that low risk in the senior high school combines together and lets the holder convert in the in the interval.The industry insider analysis says.Money market fund prospect vast Chinese fund industry develops till now from 1998, the money market fund finally wanted to once connect the big ensign of development from the stock type the fund hand, whether this represented a trend that Chinese fund industry develops?Southern fund management Gao Liang Yu of the company said that the fund product innovation wants to strongly develop to have the low risk species that stabilize the income.Our country residents’ savings deposit is total style of more than 12 dollars already, but these savings greatly part is life money and education of the keeping of common people to store, bear risk of the ability is very low, majority of investors invest the will of high risk fund product at the same time lower, but have a huge need to the low risk product, this is the money market fund development of deep time background.Meanwhile, industry insider means, they discover in the marketing that the money market fund is the best means of guide and education investor.Gao Liang Yu thinks that in the investor don’t completely comprehend or fear a stock at the time that fund invested, the money market fund was the substitute that the bank saves, passed to contrast bank to save, drew on investor very easily, and in the investor carry on a period of time of investment, after having certain acceptance ability to the risk, a little bit easily carried on the investment of appropriate risk, this also mutually fitted together with the process that American fund develop.Face the money market fund issue spring tide that will soon rise, the industry insider worries the function creation of money market fund variation very much:The market of money market fund existence is worth of, main embodiment in order to undertake the function of cash management, mobility, the safety is a cash management of foundation, the income then wants with obey liquidity and safety for premise;But the variation is to point to give up a money market fund safety and liquidity is these two kinds of essence functions, put the point the rate of return has next request in this target, fund the managers probably adopt super often enlarge operation to wait sacrifice of the method of liquidity to raise rate of return.This also aroused a vigilance in the industry.The promise Anne’s fund manages to invest a director general always Jian mean, the money market fund is musted put the safety and the liquidity the first, oppose unilateral pursue Gao of rate of return, fund manager only at thought top end positive to the understanding of the money market fund, so as to eradicate completely the occurrence of investing the risk from the source head.

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