Land agent 94 last riches placard riches speed – ups and house valence the rise is equal - Monday, August 11, 2014

500 rich man placard Shenzhen publish-500 rich man placards Be recently revealed, and held a news conference in Shenzhen yesterday, grand network overpass Chen’s household and Peng smooth group Huang Guang Yu, in letter Tai rich glory Zhi Jian, ten thousand resided 500 rich men toward the differences, such as the group Lu hat ball and net easy company D Lei…etc.5 are before the placard.This is the magazine to release Chinese rich man placard the third year in a row.Various edition rich man placard releases, for read macro view economy to provide a tiny view angle of view.Is worthy of paying attention to BE, the real estate profession remains red fire and become five profession of greatly and most being subjected to pay attention tos with medium and entertainment industry, retail and mineral industry and metal and timber industry, and financial industry…etc. this year.Real estate industry billionaires who go into a placard reach to 94 more, the real estate industry total amount of wealths reaches to 136,400,000,000 dollars and has to compare 22.64% and increases 24,200,000,000 dollars than last year.In addition, continuously for two years up the wealth of the real estate industry rich man of placard increase soon for 10.2%, is as equal as the rise of building price.This since is one in the last years the local real estate industry keep on prosperous sign, also indicate this profession in the short term has already come to a high peak.Along with the exaltation of profession concentration degree, the profits level of real estate industry just normal in the regression, the exorbitant profits color has already gradually disappeared.Recent two years, domestic’s developing the company’s amount is reduced with every year 40% speed, anticipating next year’s real estate billionaire’s last placard amount will compare this year little above 20%.Country Tai gentleman Anne researcher, Zhang Yu, think.The current rich man placard suggests that the biggest variety of one in the last years mainly expresses in 8:The first, the total amount of wealths increases into 600,000,000,000 dollars from 500,000,000,000 dollars and increases 20%;The second, the rich man troops has been shuffled cards and appear new Jin rich man 136;The third, last placard average wealth is 1,190,000,000 dollars, ratio last year up placard rich man average wealth is Gao Chu’s 19%, however because of the macro view adjusted control cause many people Qi constringency front, reduced an investment, therefore the person all and wealthily increased soon decelerate, the growth led to 35% last year, then this year is 19%;The fourth appeared 210,000,000,000 rich men of overpass Chen and Huang Guang Yu for the very first time;The fifth, has 10 rich men because business enterprise bankruptcy, Be suspected of illegal etc. reason and can not enter the final contest a current rich man placard, these is also three in the last years rich men to fall number horse most of once;The sixth, the wealth concentrates trend obviously, 500 rich men own of wealth total amount more than 600,000,000,000 dollars, equal to Shanghai GDP in 2003, but wealth the rich man of above 3,000,000,000 dollars totally own 168,800,000,000 dollars wealth and take up 28% of 500 rich man total wealths, last year this proportion is 21.5%;The seventh, rich man 105 in Zhejiang, has to compare 21%, a little bit in 2004 many 22, continue whole country to lead on the number;The eighth, medium small the plank rich man proportion Gao, 38 listed companies produced 5 rich men that go into a placard and had compare 13%, but only 8% in all listed companies owns for getting in the ranking rich man.The reason of the above-mentioned variety mainly includes:The macro view adjusts to control to make numerous people Qis put slow invest step, therefore the wealth backlog speed descends;The car, and timber…etc. are some to lead in 2003 hot the profession get into an opposite low growth to expect in 2004;Retail, service industry etc. continue because of the economy transformation high growth;The illegal act of some rich men is one after another checked place.

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